Peckham Levels, a New South London Cultural Hub, Opens its Doors on December 8th

Nov 3 2017 BY bespokemag

Peckham Levels will open its doors to the public for the very first time on Friday 8th December with a very special launch weekend. Transforming seven inner levels of Peckham’s famous multi-story car park, space will showcase the cultural talent at work in Peckham creating a much needed affordable workspace for artists and entrepreneurs, otherwise known as members. Not only for members to enjoy, the top two floors of the incredible space will be open to the public with an expansive food and drink offering ideal for those who are living and working around the Peckham and Southwark areas. Peckham Levels is also incredibly excited as today Southwark Council has revealed that it will significantly extend the leases for Peckham Levels, Bold Tendencies and the Peckhamplex Cinema. The move is set to ensure the former multi-storey car park remains a bustling, busy and sustainable part of the town centre and a London-wide cultural venue. For more information on Peckham Levels and its members please visit



The site’s 50 affordable studio spaces have been allocated to local artists and entrepreneurs who work in design, fashion, crafts, film, architecture and social enterprise. 300 people applied, and 70 applications were offered a workspace within the carpark.

The members based in Peckham Levels will be an eclectic mix from those in the creative industries and will highlight Peckham’s extensive talent. Whether its fashion, artistry, film or more, they will all find inspiration from each other. All members will be encouraged to collaborate with each other on different projects as well as on the site itself to keep the culture of Peckham alive.

Peckham Levels’ latest local members include: 

  • Ella Bull, bespoke jewellery maker
  • Charmaine Taylor, digital artist and fashion designer
  • Christina Burke, fashion designer
  • Etemi Otubu, handmade garments from repurposed materials 
  • Playdate, graphics and architectural design for a new approach to creative learning 
  • Pyramid Projects, music and production company 
  • Brother Film Co., video production company
  • Turing Lab, programme to empower kids for the increasingly digitial future
  • I Need Therapy, counselling and psychotherapy practise for those with difficult issues 
  • The Movement Factory, a dance workshop to train new generations of instructors and dancers