‘People want an experience not just another bar’ – A review of The Bletchley

Jun 6 2017 BY Jovanne Campbell

Recently we visited the brilliant Breaking Bad themed bar ABQ London and the same company, We Are Lollipop, have delivered a new concept with The Bletchley. Themed on the use of World War 2 machines and Sherlock’s deduction principles, a night at The Bletchley is filled with entertainment, laughter, puzzles and brain teasers that left us feeling like we had the complete bar experience.

Our host for the evening, Agent Red aka Katie, who delivered exceptional customer service and maintained her character throughout the evening,  greeted me as ‘Agent Yellow’ (based off my favourite colour), sat us down at our table and offered us our refreshing welcome cocktails. We notice the enigma machine, radio and instructions in front of us and we realise that we’re going to be in for quite an intriguing night as we’ve never come across anything like this before. The enigma machine and radio form the basis for your challenge to decipher codes, which in turn decide which drinks you’ll be served. Missions are set to in order to detail what type of cocktail that you will be getting and involves using your personal information, such as your name and date of birth, which in turn creates a unique code for the ingredients to your cocktail. As the ingredients are changed regularly, the unique selling point behind The Bletchley is that whatever cocktail you are given is one of a kind and would never have been served before.

The venue itself is spacious enough to fit large groups and the atmosphere is bubbly. The walls are covered in graphs and calculations in which you have to look closely as clues lay deep within the codes to get you on your way to your first unique cocktail. Ingredients are also based on your personality and things you like, in which a series of questions are asked over your personal radio and this contributes to your cocktail alongside an anagram. It truly is great fun, especially when drinking and does require team work with the main goal in mind to getting that cocktail.

What I found interesting about The Bletchley was that even though the cocktails are based off random ingredients, all six unique cocktails (we added a further two at the end) were amazing and the mixing of the ingredients we can truly say we would never have experimented with had we not visited The Bletchley. Who would have thought that a cocktail mixed with cinnamon, maple syrup, rhubarb, ginger and Ameretto would be one of the best cocktails that I’ve ever had.

Priced at £30 per head, each guest is treated to a welcome cocktail, two completely unique cocktails and two hours of a delightful experience.  Considering that cocktails in London aren’t cheap (unless it’s happy hour), The Bletchley is complete value for money not only for the drinks but for the overall unique experience as I can honestly say that you have never done anything quite like it.

For bookings –

Website: https://www.thebletchley.co.uk/

Telephone: 0203 4881 678