Premiere: Christopher Martin Releases the Cinematic Visuals for “Magic”

May 12 2017 BY Gerald Onyango

A Bespoke Mag exclusive: Reggae crooner Christopher Martin has released the highly-anticipated music video for his first single “Magic” off his debut album Big Deal. The 6-minute mini film showcases Martin as the narrator of a spellbinding triad ending in an unexpected twist. Directed by Ruption Design ‘RD’ Studios, the video embodies the sultry, soulful aura of Martin’s self-produced ballad.


A stunning wife, a loyal husband and a tempted labourer are characters involved in the riveting visual. In the modern day version of R. Kelly’s ‘Down Low’, the wife sneaks around behind her husband’s back as she becomes enamoured with the man who is working for them. She gets hooked on his magic but consequences abound as the love affair becomes exposed. It is then left to the husband to figure out a logical solution. The development of the plot is expertly crafted in a way that keeps viewers fascinated.


Martin, who is the spokesperson for KFC in Jamaica and won Digicel’s Rising Stars in 2005 (Jamaica’s American Idol), became a force in the reggae music industry with an impressive catalogue of hits including ‘Paper Loving’, ‘Cheaters Prayer’ and ‘I’m a Big Deal.’ What is fascinating about ‘Magic’ is that while Martin is a traditional reggae artist, his new style is transitioning to include more elements of modern r&b, pop and trap soul.

Watch the alluring video below.