The Recently Opened Barabba Is a Must Go To in Copenhagen

Feb 7 2018 BY Gerald Onyango

Copenhagen is a wonderful city with an incredible character but just as great as it is, it is terribly cold and what we discovered to be the best way to warm yourself up is entering one of its many stunning restaurants and scoffing down some delectable food. Our first stop when eating in Copenhagen is the recently opened Barabba restaurant which is near Nørreport Station. Barraba specialises in Italian food but while their food is amazing their wine collection is possibly better. The restaurant prides itself on maintaining a strong relationship with wineries and in doing so, the Barabba staff can tell you the story and journey of every bottle of wine that confidently sits on their impressive wine rack.


Speaking with the head chef, Riccardo, the landscape of the restaurant was purposely designed to resemble a home in order to create a comfortable and warm feeling. This is coupled with the stripped back concrete walls, quirky and stylish chandeliers, fresh flowers and candles. For our starters, we had their tasty sourdough homemade bread with extra virgin oil, which was the perfect starter and helps with warming our bodies from the sub-zero temperatures outside. As mentioned before, Barabba’s staff really know their wine and rather than just randomly selecting a bottle of wine of his choosing, Juan, our host asked us what we’re in the mood for. We both agreed we were after something white, fruity and light and almost like a mathematician doing mental arithmetic; Juan knew exactly what bottle we needed. He brought us Peggy et Jean Pascal Buronfosse, a very light and fruity wine from France and gave us the story of its importers and how they make their wine. The extra detail really went a long way in making our dining experience even more amazing than it already was and this is something more restaurants ought to do.


For our mains we had grilled octopus with potatoes and olives, as well as duck breast with kale and a venison tartare.The mains were extremely flavoursome with small additions that help to create a tasty experience. The octopus had a great texture that made it easy to eat, the potatoes were chunky and mash and were both presented extravagantly. The venison tartare is by far the best tartare I’ve had yet, the flavours were strong but not too dominant, it was the perfect combination of being tender but still tasty. This was by far our favourite meal of the day and one we implore anyone venturing Copenhagen to try. For dessert, we had the walnut cake with caramelised apple and if you’re someone who doesn’t have a proper sweet tooth, like me, then this is the perfect sweet treat for you. The cake is sweet but not overwhelmingly sweet, the apple perfectly complements the cake and both do a great job to help settle the big dinner you just consumed.




All in all, Barabba is a great restaurant that really knows their food, wine and most importantly takes pride in their attention to detail that helps to make your experience at the restaurant feel even more special.