Santino Le Saint Drops the Alluring “Magic”

Apr 30 2018 BY Gerald Onyango

Santino Le Saint is a majestic artist who not only relaxes you with his mellowing croons but also sinks you into his world with his haunting production. And he does this best on his new track “Magic”, which was both written and produced by Santino himself, is a somber but alluring track that has an infectious guitar crescendo that you can’t ignore.


In his own words, Santino said: “I actually wrote the first line of “Magic” whilst I was drunk in the back of an Uber on my way home from a party. I like to arrive on a track with impact and this was so direct and to the point that I knew it’d be sick to use in a song. I sort of forgot about the lyrics, and a few months down the line I was just making a beat and the concept came back into my mind and the rest of the track fell into place. You know when you’re drunk or high, feeling yourself and just fantasise about shit, that’s “Magic”. Steam the track below.