Jul 27 2016 BY bespokemag

Your twenties are an interesting time; ten years filled to the brim with life lessons, opportunity, and bad decisions. The Secret Diaries of A Twenty-Something is dedicated to documenting these times. Each episode sees a new ghost writer step up to the plate to spill the beans on their unique life.

In my twenty-something years of living on God’s green earth, I’ve learnt a myriad of things. From riding a two-wheeled bicycle, to money management and generally handling the trials and tribulations that come with adulthood. But if there’s one lesson that I’m constantly learning, it is the great lengths men will go to get the woman that they want. Whether it be a girl they’re simply courting, dating or trying to sleep with – I’ve learnt that men will go the extra mile for women. In doing so, my own ‘dear diary’ take is some of the tomfoolery friends, peers and extended comrades have done for women.

  1. Motivation

When we have goals and tasks ahead of us we all need some form of aids to motivate us to succeed. And that’s the same with trying to win over a girl you fancy; like having a motivational quote on a wall. I have a friend who once put a picture of a girl he was moving to (courting for those who are not familiar with London vernacular) as his wallpaper on his phone. He did this as a form of motivation to ensure that one day they could be together. When pressed by friends to explain his decision-making he replied “it’ll all make sense in a year’s time”, a year and some time has passed and we’re still yet to see what made sense.

  1. The returned items

Some ladies love the lavish life and some guys do too but aren’t really a part of it. But sometimes you ladies make us men do some crazy things, so much so, that we can spend £355 on pair trainers just for a date. A good friend of mine once purchased a pair of trainers from the luxury brand Balenciaga just to impress a girl on a first date at TGI Friday’s. The date didn’t go too well and he ended up returning the trainers the following day. As they say: Fake it ‘til you make it.

  1. Cleaning

The old adage that you’ll never see a man clean his room quicker than when he’s expecting a girl to visit is definitely true, to the point where a relative of mine once hired a cleaner to come and clean his entire room after a Tinder match agreed to come round. The same cousin also purchased fairy lights and incense to create ambience. Unfortunately for him, the Tinder match looked completely different to what her photos suggested. They ended up watching ‘Love Actually’ and have opted to remain as friends.

  1. The framed photo

When you’re in love, you want to ensure that the whole world knows. Even when you’re away from your partner, you need to show off the person that you love. That was the case for a school friend of ours, who when we went on a lads holiday to Ibiza, brought an 8 x 10 framed photo of his girlfriend that he placed on his bedside table. Rumours suggest it was the first thing he took out of his luggage when he was unpacking and that he also kissed the picture before whispering sweet nothings to it.

  1. Netflix and ‘chill’

One of my closest mates loved a good Netflix and Chill session, but always found the situation wasn’t as comfortable as he’d liked it to be. He’s one of those guys that really love a good cuddle and spoon. To counter the uncomfortable situation he kept having, he’d leave his window wide open before his lady friend would come round so that his room was super chilled. This resulted in girls instantly getting under the covers due to the sub-zero climate in his room. It provided him with the comfy situation he longed for and a cheeky cuddle whilst watching his favourite movies.