Seven Things to Buy Incl. Common Projects, Columbia, Weekday & More

Jan 16 2018 BY Gerald Onyango

We’re coming towards the end of what has been a long January. While January is usually when we’re the thick of winter’s coldest temperatures, this January has been oddly bearable. And it is bearable that is the key word in that sentence, it’s hardly been a ‘let me go out in a tee weather’ just yet. So for that reason, and given spring is fast approaching, we’ve selected a few garms that are light but will still keep you warm for the remainder of winter and into spring.


Golf le Fleur Pullover | Converse | GBP89



Tailored Drawstring Trousers | Urban Outfitter | GBP49



Achilles Retro Lows | Common Projects | GPB226




Burg Stripe Shirt | WEEKDAY | GBP45




Came to Break Hearts Cap | NASASEASONS | GBP69




Striped T-Shirt | 10Deep | GBP40



Black Pullover | Columbia | GBP120