Shy FX Took Raving to Another Level With His Cult.ure Series

Mar 8 2018 BY YV Shells

When I heard Shy FX was throwing a number of secret parties in London my first question was “why?”. I wasn’t sure how many weeks in a row I could listen to Jungle and find something interesting to say about it. Then I was given the line-up for each of the weeks and I realised I was sorely mistaken.


Culture is the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. Cult.ure epitomised this. Set in one of London’s most exclusive private clubs – The Curtain – it was more than just a private party. It was a celebration of sounds which had been grown in the capital. A proverbial gun finger to the cultures that stem from those sounds. And the line-ups represented this.


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Over the course of four weeks the likes of Grime stalwart and Gold Record producing Sir Spyro, internationally coveted actor/DJ Idris Elba, Garage OGs Heartless Crew, BBK’s DJ Maximum, and even the living legend that is David Rodigan. With Shy himself playing at every party, which spanned the genres of Grime, Garage, Trap, Jungle, DnB, Dancehall and Reggae.


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All were packed nights (and we learnt Thursday really was the new Friday) and I was wondering when I could experience this level of motive again. Luckily the Cult.Ure soundsystem will be on stages across England including Lovebox in July of this year.


Yv Shells