Soulection celebrate their 6th birthday with new compilation ‘Promise Once More

Feb 1 2017 BY Gerald Onyango

The 2010s has seen a range of new sounds emerge in the music scene, one that’s flourished via music platforms like Soundcloud is future sounds. The genre is a mixture of R&B and soul with electronica; creating a mesh of two pervasive sounds. Championing this new sound has been LA-based collective, Soulection, who through social media have grown to be one of the most influential tastemakers and have provided a platform for emerging artists across the world to share their music.

Just recently Soulection turned 6 and to celebrate their sixth year they dropped a compilation, Promise Once More on their Soundcloud channel with new fresh music featuring their many frequent collaborators. This is one playlist you want to listen to, especially if you’re on chilled vibes.