Struggling on Mother’s Day gift ideas? Saboon Alee have got you with these organic soaps

Mar 19 2017 BY bespokemag

March is a very bland month when you really think about it. Unless your birthday or anniversary is in March not much really goes on. Well, there is Mother’s Day and it seems now that we’re older we do take the day a bit more seriously than we did when we were younger. It’s not like we’re still forced by our teachers to a make a Mother’s Day card with some PVA glue and gel pens like the good old days.

If you’re like us you’re probably struggling for gift ideas and aren’t too keen on settling on the basic flowers and chocolate. With that in mind new startup, Saboon Alee has a great offering for this year’s Mother’s Day. The London-based start-up that specialises in organic handmade soaps. With decades of experience in the natural cosmetic industry, the family behind Saboon Alee recently decided to start their own venture producing their own luxury skin care products. They bring together the old-school methods of traditional oil based soap making combined with an extensive knowledge of natural oils, essential oils and mineral clays. Each of the soaps in their range is carefully formulated and hand-crafted using the finest quality ethically sourced raw ingredients. Each bar has a rich oil base of coconut, shea and olive oil, and is delicately scented with different floral and plant based essential oils, each with their own unique properties and benefits for the skin.

Saboon Alee has a selection of soaps for you to cop for Mother’s Day:

You can’t go wrong with their best-selling Lavender soap. The classic aroma of Lavender is soft and calming. It can promote relaxation and uplift the mood – perfect for the busy mums that are in need of a little time and space to relax and unwind.


The Frankincense and Myrrh soap, which contains two essential oils with a rich history. Fit for Kings and Queens, the oils are known for their healing and beauty-enhancing properties.


If you want a scent that’s on-season, the Geranium and Orange is soap is perfect for Spring time. It’s fruity and zesty aroma is sweet and refreshing. The combination of the scent of Geranium flower and orange oil can help to rejuvenate dull skin. It’s also one of the best sellers.


Saboon Alee’s soaps are bath and body soaps which means that they can be used on the hands, face and the body. To add to the mix, Saboon Alee have a strong ethos when it comes to product quality and brand image. All ingredients used are of the highest grade and each soap is hand packaged in simple no fuss recyclable packaging. So you can feel good about any purchases that you make.

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