Suelily Releases Her Debut EP ‘Current’

Mar 19 2018 BY Gerald Onyango

I’ve become a bit unsatisfied with the music that is being released currently. I’ve often found myself listening to my favourite albums from my teen years and stopped searching for new sounds like I did in my younger days. There seems to be a lack of depth in a lot of music that is being produced and this has even led to me being disengaged in something that I’m so passionate about. Then along comes Suelily who last week released her debut EP Current. The project works as an open book into Sue’s love life and the lessons she’s learnt as a result of it. The combination of jazz, soul and future sounds provide a mature sound by the talented Sue whose pen-game really stole the show on Current. It’s a short introduction into Sue’s world and given the EP’s quality, we can only hope that there’s more to come soon from the South London-crooner. Stream the EP on Spotify below.