Sep 9 2016 BY Ndomupei Doherty

The week 3 edition of Premier League Heroes & Villains sees a breakdown of the people who deserve plaudits or derision for their actions of the previous week. As always, nobody is exempt from the list; anything and anybody involved in the premier league might be mentioned accordingly.


1. Raheem Sterling

Dodgy Hairstyle aside it looked like this was going to be goodbye to Raheem Sterling at Manchester City. After a terrible season and even worse Euros it looked like the former Liverpool player would definitely be on the chopping block. However under Guardiola he has flourished. He has undeniably been city’s best player as well as being a great provider with 1 goal and 3 assists in 4 games. With a tough set of games upcoming it will be important he keeps on like this.




2. Eden Hazard

Another player who had an abject season last year. However his was worse because at one point were putting up there just behind Messi and Ronaldo. With only 4 goals in the league last year he looked a shell of himself. As well as it looking like he wanted to head to PSG things were not rosy for the Belgian. Under Antonio Conte though he is a different player. He is treated like the main man at Chelsea and as such he is playing like the main man. It is great to see the world’s best players playing with confidence.




3. Marcus Rashford

With Jose Mourinho’s appointment I initially felt bad for Rashford because of his penchant to play experienced players over youth. This wasn’t helped when they bought big Zlatan. It wasn’t helped further when he was on the bench. However in the moment that he was called to play in a match that had draw written all over it Rashford stepped up and took his chance securing a win for united and showing he has a part to play this season for this united team.


4. Arsene Wenger

How much difference one week makes. Typical Wenger move when everything is going wrong arsenal can turn it around just as quick. Not only did arsenal win in convincing fashion against Watford, They also managed to get both a defender and a forward before deadline day in a move that has managed to please fans everywhere


5. The New TV deal for making this transfer window absolutely mental

This new TV deal meant that every team had some semblance of a war chest to go into the new season. As Leicester and West ham have shown you can get some quality players across the world for relatively low fees. I don’t think anyone was prepared for how big this window was going to be. Over 1 Billion pounds spent and 13 clubs breaking their transfer records this season. That’s not even to mention the amount of well-known players going on loans or being released. Honestly this has been the most exciting transfer window in my opinion.






1. West Brom & Middlesbrough

I have been on a four hour bus journey by myself to Dublin in which my mp3 player at the time died for no reason. That journey was somehow like being on a rollercoaster whilst drunk compared to this match. Not only was this a bad match but this was on TV for super Sunday. I honestly hope I never in my lifetime have to ever watch a football match that is so dull it makes me have to double check if I’m still watching association football anymore. I mean guess it is kind of impressive for 22 men to find the cure to insomnia in one afternoon


2. Chelsea loan policy

Chelsea’s youth system has always been pretty bad. Not in facilities but in the players that come from the academy. At this point honestly we should be calling it for what it is a player farm. Last season Chelsea received criticism for loaning out 33 players. Well this season they have loaned out 38 players. Honestly when has constant loan spells to different clubs ever made a player better. The issue isn’t that they are loaning young players it is that they are doing it to the detriment of so many players growth. Especially if you look at the ages of the people being loaned.


3. Stoke

I think that stoke have an unfair reputation as they are no longer the tony pulis big men that they used to be. With a team that is actually has quality in its ranks as well as experience you would have thought stoke have a decent chance of sneaking into Europe, However that has not been the case so far with 0 wins so far and at the bottom of the table. However getting Wilfred Bony in on deadline day should help their chances




4. Crystal Palace Impotent attack

On paper crystal palace’s attack could be a handful for any premier league defence. With a combination of Townsend, Zaha, Benteke and Remy this is a team that seems top heavy with a bloated attack. However this team’s biggest let don so far has been their attack with the least goals in the league with 1, this is a team that need to start to make use of the attacking power that they have at their disposal. It also gets a little bit harder now with Loic Remy being out for 2 months.


5. English Players at the top level

One thing I noticed during this transfer window is other than John Stones there was no other big English transfers. In a time where every team had money home-grown players was not the direction they were looking. If you look at the top teams both Joe hart and jack Wilshire had to be loaned out in order to get game time. And the problems are always the same the big clubs have turned their academies into global behemoths for young players that don’t get chances whilst the smaller clubs sell their young players first chance they get instead of holding onto them developing them further and then selling them off. It is a problem that everyone is partly to blame the supporters and owners for having no patience, The managers for not having the conviction to stand up for the young players and the media for hyping players when they are not ready and then crucifying them the next moment. Also they are all over priced I mean Jordan Ibe for 15m C’mon