Things to Watch on Netflix – February 2018

Jan 31 2018 BY bespokemag

We millennials are an interesting generation, we’ve lived through arguably what can be deemed as the quickest technological advancement that modern history has seen. But similarly, while we have seen this advancement we remember simpler times of corded phones, dial-up internet and even TV-sets! The latter is most pressing as we’re a generation who now consumes television through their laptop and one innovation that’s pushed this is Netflix. The streaming website is fixed our today’s culture and the popular platform is always constantly updating its content and us at Bespoke are going to shed some light on the best things to watch on Netflix right now.


Coach Snoop – Feb 2nd

Legendary-rapper Snoop Dogg stars in a series about the youth football league he created to keep kids from making the same mistakes he did growing up. Here Snoop supports the dreams of young football players, something that the rapper has been doing for many years.


Everything Sucks – Feb 16th

Netflix tap into the millennial nostalgia wave with a series about 1990s youth culture. Two groups of high school misfits – The AV club and the drama club – come together in the quirky coming to age series based in Oregan back in good old 1996.


Damnation – 1st Feb

In a rural Iowa community during the Great Depression, a stranger with a violent past poses as a preacher and rallies the farmers to mount a strike.


The Revenant – 23rd


The film that finally got Leonardo DiCaprio his long-awaited Oscar! The film is based on a frontiersman on a fur trading expedition in the 1820s fights for survival after being mauled by a bear and left for dead by members of his own hunting team.

Seeing Allred – Feb 9th


Women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred takes on the biggest names in American culture as coverage of sexual assault allegations in the media become more prevalent.