Things to Watch on Netflix – May, 2018

Apr 29 2018 BY Gerald Onyango
We millennials are an interesting generation, we’ve lived through arguably what can be deemed as the quickest technological advancement that modern history has seen. But similarly, while we have seen this advancement we remember simpler times of corded phones, dial-up internet and even TV-sets! The latter is most pressing as we’re a generation who now consumes television through their laptop and one innovation that’s pushed this is Netflix. The streaming website is fixed our today’s culture and the popular platform is always constantly updating its content and us at Bespoke are going to shed some light on the best things to watch on Netflix right now.

Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise – May 1st


Earlier this month one of the world’s most loved and groundbreaking poets, Maya Angelou, passed away. With her passing sending shockwaves across the world, Netflix is streaming a documentary about the remarkable writer, poet, actress and activist Maya Angelou.


Love Island – May 1st


Let’s face it, it’s everyone’s guilty pleasure! Ahead of the show returning for its fourth season in the summer, the reality TV show’s first two seasons can now be streamed on Netflix UK this May.


Dear White People –  May 4th


Second series of the drama based on Justin Simien’s acclaimed film of the same name. The series follows a group of black students at Winchester University, a predominately white Ivy League School, who are faced with cultural bias,  social injustice and misguided activism.

The Social Network – May 18th


The biopic about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg from director David Fincher hits the internet. Isn’t it time for a sequel?


Cargo – May 18th


Martin Freeman leads this horror film about a father’s attempt to ensure his daughter’s safety in a world overrun by zombies.