Three Podcasts You Should Be Listening to Right Now

May 26 2017 BY Rachel Ayeh-Datey

Podcasts have always been a thing. But over the past few years, lifestyle podcasts have grown increasingly popular. With a market that’s quickly becoming oversaturated, weeding through the immense number of options available to find a podcast that suits you can prove a difficult task- and that’s where we come in. If you’re in search of new podcast listens, you’ll want to start with these three.


The Read



New York based YouTube star and comedian Kid Fury and Blogger/Radio personality Crissle West are the voices behind ‘The Read’. For over 4 years they have been entertaining their listeners with their honest views on everything from Donald Trump to the latest Beyoncé album. They have held many live tapings of their podcast all over America and even in international locations such as London and Amsterdam. They are both black and members of the LGBT community so listen to them if you want a more nuanced opinion on current events. Or if you want a good chuckle.




The Friend Zone



The trio behind ‘The Friend Zone’ are Wellness YouTuber Hey Fran Hey, Media Personality/Actor Dustin Ross and Music fanatic Assanté. Coincidentally they are close friends with Kid Fury and Crissle West from ‘The Read’ so any episode where these funny podcasters collaborate with each other is a must listen. ‘The Friend Zone’ focuses on all things mental health and well-being as well as incorporating random interludes of freestyling from Dustin and Assante. It’s a podcast for anyone whose spirits need to be lifted.




The Receipts Podcast



‘The Receipts Podcast’ stars 4 UK based creative women called Phoebe Parke, Milena Sanchez, Tolly T and Ghana’s Finest. Think of ‘The Receipts’ as your group chat come to life. These 4 ladies keep it all the way real about sex and relationships. Their relatable chemistry and supportive group dynamic makes it so easy to become obsessed with this podcast. They have recently sold out their first live show in London on Sunday 11’th June 2017.



The Friend Zone and The Receipts Podcast are all also available on iTunes!