Aug 18 2016 BY TP

After years of dropping high quality mixtapes, Tory Lanez is finally going to release his debut studio album, ‘I Told You’ . The young Canadian, who is currently engaged in a heated rivalry with fellow Torontonian, Drake, is one of the brightest and most versatile talents to emerge from the country, and is definitely giving the OVO camp a run for their money. In addition to the release of the album, Tory has announced a special show at Village Underground on 24th November, with tickets priced at a paltry £0.10! Click here to find out how you can get access to the show

Tory London

Given that Tory is sharing this gift with us, not to mention two singles, ‘Flex’  ‘Cold Hard Love’ off his new album, we thought we’d celebrate his generosity by giving you our top 5 favourite songs by him:

  1. ‘Say It’

‘Say It’ is probably Tory’s most well-known track, and has been watched over 100 million times on YouTube, no mean feat for an artist in such a competitive market. The song which heavily samples R&B Classic ‘If You Love Me’ by Brownstone, showcases Tory’s singing ability with his trademark falsetto during the hook.

  1. ‘Controlla (Remix)’

Drake is arguably one of the most powerful artists in music at the moment, and if you get on the wrong side of him, you can very well be putting your career at risk, at least in the short term. Just ask Meek Mill. But even with Drake’s dominance, Tory Lanez has not shied away from the challenge of asserting himself as the King of Toronto. Despite all the back and forth, actions speak louder than words, so releasing his own version of Drake’s smash hit, ‘Controlla‘, was a very bold move. However his remix is arguably better than the original, borrowing from I Wayne’s ‘Can’t Satisfy Her’ in the opening lines, blending in patois throughout the Caribbean flavoured track.

  1. ‘Diego’

A plethora of artists have referenced the infamous ‘Tony Montana’ character in their music, but in Tory’s ‘Diego’, the grand nature of the instrumental (which he co-produced) gives the song an iconic feel, matching the status of the fictional Scarface. The track is a lot more aggressive than his R&B work, but also shows his diversity as an artist, and his ability to tailor his flow to the beat.

  1. ‘I Got the Keys Freestyle’

Another recent cover, which he apparently recorded in conjunction with ‘Controlla’, was his freestyle over DJ Khaled’s ‘I Got the Keys’. Absent is Future’s somewhat annoying chorus, but Tory manages to go non-stop for over 3 minutes on the beat, with an incredible flow and slick punchlines. His rendition of ‘I Got the Keys’ proves that he can really rap, and if he wanted to forge his career as an MC, he is more than capable of doing so.

  1. ‘Remembrance Day’

‘Remembrance Day’ off the ‘Sincerely Tory’ mixtape released 4 years ago, is a track which showed his early potential as an artist that could blossom into a global star. On this particular song, he puts his entire skillset on display, including his sing-song flow, talent as a rapper, and his now trademark falsetto. Co-produced with Tokyo Monster, the spacy instrumental shows off his flair for beat making, another weapon he has within his armoury.