A Tour Finale to Showcase why Stormzy’s at the Top of the Game

May 10 2017 BY bespokemag

#MERKY. #SKENGMAN. What’s the last one again? Oh yeah- #PROBLEM, that’s it. And that he is, but in the best way possible. It’s quite clear to any with an eye on Grime that Stormzy’s changing the game. In fact, scratch that, he’s changed the game– a truth exemplified by his homecoming sold-out concerts at the Brixton O2 Academy.

His final show on Thursday 4th October signified an iconic ending to the London leg of his tour, however it also signalled the beginning of something brilliant.

Looking around at the crowd, this 23-year-old from Croydon had achieved something few other artist could ever dream of. He had brought together a crowd of people from so many different walks of life in the celebration of his no.1 ranking album ‘Gang Signs and Prayer’ and more importantly Grime- a genre that is too frequently and undeservedly targeted for violence and knife crime.

From the mad visuals at the beginning of the concert, where huge capital letters lit up one by one to reveal ‘STORMZY’ in tandem with the next- level lighting display accompanying it. Everyone in the audience knew this was going to be a memorable night. His infectious energy levels and insane calibre of guests from North London’s Chipmunk to country boy Ed Sheeran kept the crowd engaged and bubbling overexcitement. The latter marking a very poignant moment in the night where I can say that nearly everyone was signing in utter unison.

This concert just goes to show why Stormzy is a force to be reckoned with, Armed with frightening versatility, Big Mike is truly an innovator at the top of his game. #MERKY.

Words by Hope Hannah