Cookmama: The Vegan Collaboration You Never Knew You Needed – #CookMama

Jan 16 2018 BY Rachel Ayeh-Datey

We went along to Wagamama’s Noodle Lab location on Dean Street to sample an exclusive vegan dish dubbed the Cookmama. This dish was created in collaboration with King Cook, owner and head chef of trendy vegan hotspot Cookdaily, and Wagamama’s executive chef Steve Mangleshot.  The move was facilitated by the charity Veganuary.

Our evening began with a selection of drinks accompanied by upbeat DJ sounds. It set the mood for the night to come; an ambience of excitement and anticipation.


Billy, a waiter at Wagamama’s Noodle Lab on Dean Street


Post drinks we moved onto the vast selection of vegan entries being served. As the kitchen was exposed, it was thrilling to watch the chef and his crew masterfully preparing the food.


Pumpkin and garlic vegetable balls


Vegetable gyoza


Aubergine steamed buns


With schichmi-coated tofu and crispy coconut bacon, the Cookmama was full of flavour and definitely packed a punch on the spice scale. It was worth the wait. A sure hit for those who enjoy tasty, aesthetically-pleasing food.


The Cookmama


The collaborative dish is only available at Noodle Lab locations in Central London for a short time only. Be sure not to miss out!