Jan 27 2016 BY bespokemag

For centuries, men have tried to understand women, seeking advice from guides, theorists and elders. But still the lack of understanding continues to take place even in the age of information. Due to their being no universal understanding men often created their own comprehension of things and it’s this varying discernment that we at Bespoke have sought to find out. We asked men what they think women want from them and as you can imagine the results were rather interesting.


23, Peckham

Girls want you the be the greatest PA ever. You need to remember every important date/person/event and act appropriately to each… or else…


23, Hackney

They build an image of who they want you to be in their heads and think we should live up to that.


23, Croydon 

They want a man that is sweet but not too sweet, they want you to still remind the girl that you’re a man and do masculine stuff. If you’re too nice that’s when they get too big for their boots and forget.


23, Edmonton

Women (the type of girls I talk to) want a guy that is:
-open about their feelings
-righteous (not just religiously but a guy that has good morals)
-hard working

A lot of girls I talk to say they don’t want a guy that’s just got money and a good job but they want a man that understands themselves. So a guy that isn’t afraid to try new food, countries and experiences but also understands that a good work ethic and career will get them far. That’s why I’ve taken a very open approach to girls now. There’s no point trying to put on some image when they’re just gonna say they want the silly me


23, Purley

They want you to be a broker/ roadman/ superman/ bad guy/ best friend/ puts you in your place/ ignores you/ always their combination that is utterly unrealistic.


23, Croydon

Girls want a guy that is self-assured and assumes control of situations, i.e where they go on dates, where to eat etc. They think this translates into them knowing where they’re going in life, which attracts them as they crave some sort of stability from a man.


23, Luton

I think most girls want a man who can read their mind, a guy who just knows shit but a lot of the time we barely know what day it is.


24, Streatham 

Girls want to feel cared for CONSTANTLY. And majority require attention, they’ll even text you saying I want attention.


24, Pollard’s Hill

I think women want the whole package. They want a guy that is good in the sack, they want a guy with money, they want a guy with a great personality and a guy with a nice car. The fact of the matter is they will settle for less as they know these wishes are not possible. A real woman will take a guy for who he is and everything listed above will come with that.


24, Edmonton 

I think women want the hope of a relationship. When you’re up front and honest with them you get roasted, honesty is not what they want. Though they will complain that guys aren’t up front with their intentions.


23, Tooting

Women want to feel wanted, I’ve noticed. They want that through attention, affection and all that romance jazz. Also, they want to see a man provide, not necessarily to spend money all the time but just to know that the guy she’s with can support himself and the people around him if he had to step up in a relationship.


24, South London 

Women want a guy who has a great personality, exciting, always keeps them on their toes, attractive and loyal.


23, Brockley

Women love romance – to be wined and dined every now and then. To be made to feel like the most beautiful girl in your life. Last, but definitely not least, they need that good solid D along with that sensual tongue. I’m sorry, but men who don’t go down on their women please know that your woman is fanatisising about someone else doing just that. Get going down south fellas.


25, Croydon

They want a provider. Whether that’s providing attention, love, money, security etc. I reckon women go off men when they stop giving in this capacity.


23, Thornton Heath 

They want everything from you. Literally everything. Your time, your money, your attention, your food. Even your clothes. What’s yours is her’s. Any deviation from that and it’s stress. Happy wife = Happy life, and that’s the truth.


24, Hampstead Heath 

Excitement and mystery in my honest opinion. Girls don’t like it when they’ve fully figured out a guy. It gives them power. Sometimes you have to mistakenly send your girl another girls nudes to let em know they figured you out.


25, Fulham 

I think they want security, they want to have a boyfriend they can gossip about with their friends. They certainly don’t want to be in the single section of their group. They want to be spoiled, they don’t want to do much spoiling themselves. They want their men to confide in them and they want to look after their bloke.


24, Croydon 

A means to an end? I’ve been used for sex, a free wine and dine- all that…