Young Thug’s Wyclef Jean Is The Video Of The Year

Jan 26 2017 BY SollyJFreeman

I know it’s very early but Young Thug could win video of the year for the visuals to one of the stand out tracks from Jeffrey – Wyclef Jean.

Young Thug and/or the director, Ryan Staake, (I’ll come back to this later) have created a calamitous masterpiece in a seemingly effortless way. We are watching a music video that details how music videos are made and it’s definitely engaged us hyperactive millennials –  with 9 million views within a week.

The self-depreciating nature of the subtitles is a bluff; the director is telling us how the video was poorly made and totally outside of the original concept, whilst somehow being ridiculously captivating – see the quip at the end.

There’s so much to love about this video: the “juxtaposition” of kids in Cop cars and grown women in tiny supercars, the unique insight into Young Thug’s thought process (and ultimately his temper tantrum), Requiem for a Dream “ass to ass” reference.

My favourite scene has to be cheeky dig at the misguided political correctness culture of modern media – “impressionable children” can sing along to explicit lyrics but can’t see images that reflect the song’s nature.

I think Wyclef Jean is perfect in its simplicity, on first look Young Thug messed up the shoot, the Director Ryan has played with the scraps and made a caricature of a music video. Or maybe the rumours are true and Young Thug is actually the director and every scene of the final video was carefully planned. Either way I’m a fan.

Check out the video for yourself