Yv Shells meets Capo ‘Hook Daddy’ Lee

Apr 23 2017 BY YV Shells

If you’ve got a penchant for Grime music you’ll have heard of Capo Lee. He’s one of the talented MCs that have broken through over the last two years. Hailing from North London, it’s clear the spitter has a future in a scene that’s shining now more than ever.


Yv Shells caught up with him recently to talk the chain of events that’s led up to his music career now as he knows it, his EP and the future.


Check out our full exchange below.


Shells: Yes Capo! You good yeah?


Capo: Yeah man, I’m all good!


Shells: Sweet, well let’s get straight into some questions… You’re making serious waves at the moment, when did you first realise that you could make a real run at being successful in the music scene?


Capo: I was putting out things on Soundcloud just to see where it goes to let people hear a couple tunesand then I done liff and that tune put me on the next level cause it started getting playlisted and that. Then I’d go to raves, like I wasn’t even booked, and people already knew the lyricss, this was summer 2016 and I was like rah ‘Liff’ is getting heard! And that’s what gave me the inspiration to keep going.


Shells: I heard you didn’t even expect ‘Liff’ to pop off like that?


Capo: Nah, nah I didn’t! There was another tune I wanted to do. ‘Liff’ was supposed to be a filler for the one I wanted to put out.




Shells: That’s mad!


Capo: I know, it’s mad init. I knew it was a good tune but it wasn’t supposed to be my one.


Shells: Do you think that kind of formula that you used for liff influenced other songs afterwards?


Capo: Yeah yeah definitely. A lot of the tunes I’ve done after that have had powerful choruses and now I’m just labelled some chorus guy.


Shells: [laughs]


Capo: Labelled me some guy with the hooks like.


Shells: You’re gonna be the hook daddy soon, captain hook.


Capo: [Laughs] “captain hook”, that’s sick.



Shells: So after this [‘Liff’] you did the collab with D Double on ‘Mud’. How did that come together?


Capo: Basically I bucked D Double at a rave and he said to me that he’s heard me a few time on radio. He said he’d heard liff – that tune again – and he said it was a banger. Then he said me and you need to get a tune  going. And he said to me as well he doesn’t really collab with bare people. I mean you don’t really hear D double on bare collabs.


Shells: You’re right


Capo: And that’s when I knew this one was gonna be special init. But yeah. Spyro was in the studio one night. Maybe 2 in the morning and I called him like what are you on. He said he was about to go home and I told him wait there.


Shells: [Laughs]


Capo: I said I got a banger. I can feel it. I don’t know where it’s coming from. But I can just feel it, wait there. He waited and we made ‘Mud’. I had done the chorus and the first verse and I was thinking who can I get on it. I sent it to Double thinking he wasn’t even gonna reply but a few days later it was done.


Shells: Just like that?


Capo: Just like that. Yeah



Shells: That’s so mad… So since D Double, who’s been the maddest person to reach out to you to let you know they’re feeling your music?


Capo: Most of the scene tbh. Obviously I do a lot of work with P Money. Yo, Example tweeted me the other day, that was random.


Shells: Rah that’s mad.


Capo: Yeah he was like congrats on the EP.


Shells: That support is sick. It seems like Grime’s getting a lot of support now, especially from brands – like when you first started could you have ever imagined that Deezer would be investing in dedicated Grime channel? How important is that support for you as an artist?


Capo: Nah I couldn’t have. It’s even now when I see people going for meetings with brands like Deezer, I think rah that is sick like. We’re actually gaining the powers init..  To the point where brands need you about  just as much as you need them.


Shells: Yeah of course; definitely.


Capo: When people see you getting backing from a brand like that people take you more seriously.


Shells: It’s true.



Capo: Might even be in your area. People in your area might see you making music and say nothing until they see you with a certain brand.


Shells: I know what that’s like man. I got a t-shirt from Morleys and everyone went mad they don’t even listen to my mixes blud.


Capo: Ahh that’s dope I gotta ask you to borrow it quickly. Imagine I’m flying to Czech Republic right after this party tonight.




Shells: That’s mad you know I guess you’re gonna be performing stuff from the Stop Talk EP with Sir Spyro?


Capo: Yeah man definitely


Shells: What was it like to be in the studio with him working on the project?


Capo: I just feel like my flow compliments his beats and also the other way round. It’s just mad how well we work together musically.


Shells: On ‘Bars Please’ you referenced that you felt like your music ability was both a gift and a curse. In what ways have you felt blessed or cursed since blowing up?


Capo: For me, making music is a gift like just being able to do this is a blessing but I think that I am a perfectionist. I put too much pressure on myself sometimes and I wanna start embracing the moment cos I can be so concerned about my next track or project that I can’t enjoy something that’s sick.


Shells: Yeah man I think we all suffer from that tbh. I have had nights where I do a set and I’m so angry at myself for one bad transition it fucks up the way I feel the set went.


Capo: Trust me it’s hard to be in the moment sometimes but I wanna do it more and just enjoy myself.


Shells: What’s your favourite track on the EP?


Capo: Definitely ‘Reflection’ cos it is like a different side of myself. I felt like I could open up on the track and that’s not something I do as much as I wish I did.



Shells: Now you’ve got a lot more material out there are there any plans for headline shows in the pipeline?


Capo: Yeah we’re sorting out a headline show right now! Spyro wanted it to be straight after the EP dropped but I wanted to wait a bit so the crowd would know the words! [laughs]


Shells: So if you could pick one venue or festival to perform at which would it be?


Capo: You know what’s mad yeah, last year I woulda said outlook cos all my friends was going and I didn’t go cos I said I wouldn’t go unless I was performing (laughs). And look at how the universe works man. It’s blessed me and now I’m there but yeah Glastonbury is the dream right now. Let’s see about next year! Remember this convo!


Shells: I’m sure you’ll do it.


Capo Lee performed at the launch of Sian Anderson’s debut album Floor SIXX, supported by global music streaming service, Deezer. You can listen to the released tracks on the album now, on Deezer’s dedicated grime channel.